Class Descriptions

Tutus for Tots/Taps for Tots

These classes are appropriate for children ages 3 to 4½ years old. They introduce students to the structure of a dance class where listening and following directions are very important. Students learn basic ballet and tap steps and begin to develop musicality. Imaginative exercises and improvisational dance are elements of each class that encourage students to discover the pure joy of movement and creativity.

Jazz & Hip Hop

In jazz classes, students work on developing a strong fundamental technique along with flexibility, style, and a charismatic stage presence. Hip hop classes are focused on teaching students how to learn combinations of movement quickly and to execute steps with strength, speed, and precision.


Tap dancers will develop their coordination, rhythmic understanding, and musicality in an upbeat and supportive environment. We focus on facilitating the development of each student’s phrasing, timing, and breath. Students learn traditional tap vocabulary – while finding their own style and discovering their own approach to tap dancing. Students learn the technique and history of Rhythm Tap, with a strong emphasis on musicality through warm-ups, time-steps, historical choreography, original choreography, and improvisation. Tap dance, an American art form and a part of the Jazz music tradition, has a technique and history that our tap dancers will develop a strong passion for.

Combo Classes

Ballet and Jazz: Students will spend the first half of class learning ballet and the second half learning jazz. Students must have ballet slippers and wear a leotard and tights to class (no jazz pants during ballet). Jazz shoes are optional unless required for a performance.

Hip Hop and Tap: Students will spend the first half of class learning hip hop and the second half learning tap. Students must have both jazz and tap shoes.

Ballet & Pointe

Ballet technique is essential for the development of a strong and versatile dancer. Beginning classes focus on proper placement and body alignment, and students are taught how to turn out safely from the hips. As students advance, training encourages precision, a quickness and lightness of movement, the ability to cover space with ease and grace, and a refined carriage of the upper body.Those who develop the required strength and control are promoted to pointe shoes.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request. For students enrolled in at least one weekly class, the cost is $30 for a 45 minute class. For students who only study privately, the cost is $35 for a 45 minute class. Please contact the studio to set up a day and time.

Competition Team

Participation on our competition team is by invitation only. Please refer to the Competition Team page for information on the competitions we attend and the awards we have received.